"This was my first time in the store and I thought I would end up with one or two items; I spent about $65 on groceries I usually spend about $200 on. I have 4 kids and this "new discovery" for me is a WIN!"

"You can always find great deals here. Everything is much cheaper than regular grocery stores. Their inventory always changes, and they probably won't have everything you need. I'd recommend stopping here first to get what you can, then head to your normal store to fill in the gaps."

"I always stop here on my grocery shopping run before going to Giant. Cereal is unbeatable, although you can't always count on finding the same kinds all the time. Also great prices on frozen items...They always have the basic frozen veggies and processed meats. I also get yogurt and snacks- crackers, pretzels, cookies, chips, granola bars. In the summer they have local produce. Canned goods are also a deal- soups, spaghetti sauce, vegetables, etc. I've saved hundreds of dollars over the years at Swann's."

"the best thing about it is the large selection of organic and health food items. These items are not available in regular grocery stores...the prices on these generally costly organic foods are unbeatable at Swanns."

"I have saved hundreds shopping at this store. I have paid $2.50 for a box of snacks at the grocery store, but at Swann's the price may only be $.99. You do the math when you buy a month's worth or snacks. So don't knock it until you try it :) And those of you who have never been on a real budget before...may not understand, but for those of us who live that way....this is a great place to discount food items."

"I discovered Swann's several years ago and now it is my favorite store!! I take my grocery list to Swann's first. The only things I buy at the regular grocery store are things that I can't find at Swann's. My $$ go so much farther at Swann's . In addition I find specialty items for all my baking in the bulk food section that are impossible to locate at other stores. Also, because their prices are so low I try a lot of new things that I might pass by at other stores because they are too expensive. I love shopping at Swann's."

"Just wanted you to know that I went to the Exton store today and was thoroughly surprised. Not only did I find exactly what I went for but many many more items as well. Your stock is diverse and well organized as well as extremely reasonably priced. I left with a cartful and will be back again next week to do more shopping."

"I love how easy it is to save money at Swann's! As a stay-at-home mom of three, it is so amazing to me that I can get a HUGE cart full of great food for the whole family and come out spending just $40. The customer service at Swann's is great - everyone is always so helpful and kind. Thank you!"

"I love Swanns Pantry! I have been shopping there for a few years now, I am always happy with the amount of food I get and how cheap I get it for! I home school my sons so we can go through a large amount of food in a short amount of time. If I went to a chain grocery store for the same items I get there I would be broke... Your store has put a lot of food on my tables and more money in my pocket! I tell everyone I know about Swanns. I thank you so much for providing a store that keeps in mind that we all don't have money growing on trees in our back yard :) I am a very happy customer. I always look forward to my weekly swans shopping trip!"